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    Question what model SDA ?

    i'm preparing to offer for sale a pair of polk SDA -- ? speakers which i bought
    in 1990 and have never used ,so i'm a novice.i want to be sure i advertise the correct model.can some one help?
    on the boxes:
    top:polk audio - stereo/dimensional 2 SD2A
    long side:stereo/dimensional 2B
    short side:polk audio- studio black- SDA 2B
    the interconnect cable has one flat and one round prong
    the confusion is that the manual says SDA 2A but it sounds like a 2B from what i've read on the posts i'm a new member.

    thank you,
    richard marquart

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    You bought SDA's.... and never used them?

    I would sell them on here, if I were you. I think they'd go pretty quick, regardless of whether they're A's or B's
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    They seem to be SDA-2B speakers based on the box lettering, buying them in 1990, and the interconnect cable. The manual for my 2Bs was also not updated from the older 2A manual.

    To be accurate though, you need to say whether they are the SDA-2B Studio version or standard SDA-2Bs. The Studio version had a black ash vinyl cabinet top and sides. The standard version had real wood top and bottom caps and fabric covering the sides. There is a value difference between the two, with the Studio version being worth less.

    Take some pictures and post in the flea market if you wish, but pick a price. Depending on condition, $250 to $350 is in the ballpark these days. Having the original boxes adds a little value.
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    Originally posted by Emlyn
    To be accurate though, you need to say whether they are the SDA-2B Studio version or standard SDA-2Bs. The Studio version had a black ash vinyl cabinet top and sides.
    2B Studio was made in oak grained vinyl as well.
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    welcome Richard.

    do let us know when you are going to put them up for sale. ;)
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