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    Default speakers s-8 polk audio

    hello everyone
    first time user-this site looks great,from what i've seen so far!!

    i hope someone can help

    i just picked up a pair of used polk s-8 speakers
    they sounded great at first,and are in mint cond-but
    after 10 minutes of listening,i heard one of the passive
    woofers distort badly
    upon closer inspection,there are 2 slits in the driver-they
    look like they were made with a razor,because they are barely noticable,and about 3 inches long

    well,i had this brilliant idea

    i removed the passive woofer,taped the slits from behind,
    and then applied a liberal amount of caulking over the tape

    this was all done last night,so i am now ready to test it out

    (i called polk parts,and a replacement passive is 36.00)

    i thought i'd try it this way first,to see if it will hold when the volume goes up for extended periods

    has anyone tried this before?am i wasting my time trying to
    seal the slits from behind?any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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    best way is new woofers, However a good silicone caulk would hold it together im sure, being it is rubber on the surround. just let it dry and test it.

    By the way, welcome to club polk...
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    thanks faster100

    ok,i'll try the repaired speaker this morning-if that doesn't
    work out,i'll pick up a new driver

    also,thanks for welcoming me to club polk-i am already


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    Welcome ralphieboy

    I'm not familiar with the s8 speaker.. so if you can. can you post a pic or two if you have a digital camera?

    Hope your handy work, works for you. Older Polk speakers are worth hanging on to, and most sound really good for their age.
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