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    Thumbs up Crutchfield comes through

    As always when a company does right it should be noted.

    About 4 months ago I purchased a Denon-2900 DVD from Crutchfield. The is this is the first time I have bought something from them out of "Scratch and Dent". This was just after the 999.00 price was dropped to 699.00, the S&D price on the unit was 594.99. So I pull the trigger figuring why not if it is too banged up I will send it back. So the unit comes in two days and there is not a mark on it, I mean I look the thing over real good, cool, set her up pop in a SACD and right out the box I am pretty happy, now this unit never saw a DVD video. I notice the player's feet do not quite sit perfectly level, a very minor repair and this is fixed. This player is strictly for 2 ch. hi rez in the cave. So I use it over the past four months, then something starts going wrong, I put in "In the Flesh" and it wont read the disc, so I open and close the drawer and bango she works like a charm, by now the unit gets really broken in, its teamed with the Dodd pre and I am loving life pretty good. But the next night same disc, wont read and have to open and close the drawer four times before it reads the disc, I clean things up but no luck, same problem, open drawer close, no read, sheesh this is not good.

    I call Crutchfield and explain, as we know they are on closeout now at 629.99 or 35.00 more than the S&D price I paid for the one I have. Crutchfield gives me full credit for the old unit, I give them 35.00 and wham a brand new A-stock 2900 is on the way to me with full factory warranty. Now I feel pretty confident this would not be the case from a B-stock non-authorized dealer. No hassle from Cruthfield at all. All I had to do was ask if they would credit full price and let me pay the difference for a new one, they had another S&D, but I passed on it and the representative fully understood my reason for doing so.

    Although I realize I am replacing the same piece, still getting a bit of the "new" gear glow!! Picked a silver one this time just to be a bit different.

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    Pretty sweet deal.

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    In my best Hoosier imitation, Exxxceeellent!
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    Originally posted by F1nut
    In my best Hoosier imitation, Exxxceeellent!
    Wouldnt that be Mr Burns? :)
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    Crutchfield customer service is top notch.... I love Crutchfield :)

    Nice to hear you're happy also with them, they value their PR very greatly.

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