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    Angry DB6500 Trouble... HELP!!!!

    I just installed a JVC DV500 dvd head unit with DB6500s in a Hyundai terracan SUV.

    The sound is not at all to the level i expected. The tweeters are just too bright. I've set my High EQ down to 1/4 of total.

    The bass is distorting at even mid volumes, its not deep and firm.
    Theres also some kind of funny sound as if something is shaking.

    I listen to various kind of music trance, hip hop etc but the problem remains with all of em.

    I've installed them on the front door. the tweeters on the panel inside of the side view mirrors and the woofers on the kickpanels.

    What do I do to tweak them... HELP!!! Any other suggestions???

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    hmm... try resetting everything back to zero - all the eq settings, everything. even the amp (are they amplified?). then see how they sound; probably too bright. then go to the crossover and turn the tweeter level down a notch, and retest. probably still too bright, so click em down another notch. then come back and report?

    oh, and the funny noise - can you make sure nothing retarded has happened to the physical speakers? loose wires, loose mounting, etc. btw, in that vehicle, you will most likely hear buzzes and rattles from other parts that are resonating with the speakers, so make sure that funky sound isn't some random part in your door that you have to tighten or glue or remove.
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    My first guess would be that youre powering them with head unit power. Of course theyre gonna sound like crap. These speakers need 50-75 RMS to make em work and youre giving them 10-12. You really need an amp.

    Second, Polk Audio speakers BEG to be bi-amped. Their tweeters are, to quote Neo, crazy loud and the attenuator on the x-over is the minimum they require, which unfortunately you dont have one on your DB x-over.

    Here is what you should do.

    This Alpine amp is a great little amp. Its 40x4 and although not very powerful, its clean as a whistle. Circuit City usually has these for $175 or so.

    Take it and hook the tweeters to the front channels using the DB's x-over. Then run the mids straight off the rear channels. Set the gains to the "noon" position and give it a listen and adjust from there. I ran my MMC690's this way and my ideal setting was front gain at about 10:00 and the rear at noon. This is kind of a pain and all cause now you need an extra set of wires but I guarantee you that youll be able to tune these things to a much better SQ than you could running them straight wired.

    These speakers are very good and you shouldnt give up on them.

    Also, if youre wanting decent bass, buy a sub. These will give a little but are not designed to put out much more than 80 Hz. you could buy a sub and excellent Alpine amp for $300.
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    Default DB6500 trouble

    Hi Mac,

    thanks for your reply. you're right I'm not using an amp at the moment but my head unit says its 50x4. Is that not enough?

    I'm planning to put two of these sets. a pair in the front and a pair at the rear.... I dont know if thats going to be a good idea? what do you think?

    I cant bi amplify four speakers for sure!! too expensive. Any more suggestions?


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    dont use rear speakers, they just mess with your sound quality.
    as far as is 50x4 enough?
    yea, it is. from an external amp. look at a 50x4 amp...notice the dimensions. look at a head unit. look how big it is and how much other stuff it has to do. a head unit will put out 10-22 watts depending on how good it is. those are not clean watts by any measure though. you can get a 4 channel amp and a sub, use 2 channels for the front speakers and bridge the other 2 channels to a sub. you can do that for really cheap and get great sound
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