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    Default Any guys watching Gilmore Girls or Everwood?

    Or am I the only one? A year and a half ago I would never have dreamed of watching more than 5 minutes of either one of these, but my wife loves them, and she talked me into watching them with her. They're actually really good. The characters are great, and the situations are always interesting. I've missed the first couple of seasons, so I think I'm going to go ahead and pick 'em up on dvd. Anyone else here have wives or gf's that have gotten you watching these or other shows?

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    I'm a Gilmore Girls fans (haha)...

    But, I'm pissed, they ended it on ABC at Season 4 and started it over, I wanted to watch season 5 dangit, same for Smallville...

    I was so pissed off...argh

    Now I dont watch it any more and probally wont even see the 5th season....cant believe that sheat

    I started it watching it when it came on after a smallvilles marathon btw /////

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    Gillmore girls. My mom has all the seasons on DVD so when she watches them, I watch them. It's the only TV show I'll watch besides Highlander.

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    Highlander rules!

    Been a HUGE fan of that show since about 94. The 6th season kind of sucked ass but that still leaves 5 good ones!

    And um no, I dont watch Gilmore Girls.
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    Default Guilty!

    I admit it, I watch the Gilmore Girls habitually, including TIVOing the reruns just in case there's something I missed. It's actually something that the wife and I look forward to every week. We also own the first two seasons on DVD.

    I tried to get into watching Smallville, but it seemed like every week there was some chick that was hot for Clark, and that was it. I am SURE there is much more to it, but I can't get hooked.

    We also recently got into Deadwood on HBO (watched first season on DVD). We like the story lines, but are a bit taken aback but some of the gratuitous sex scenes, and the more than necessary swearing.

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