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    Default good amp for sony Xplod 12" 1200W drivers

    i know jack squat about car audio i must admit, and i have a good friend looking to buy an amp, but has not been in the market for a while, so he has no idea what is or is not good now. can anyone throw him some advise as to what a good amp for the above drivers (he has 2).
    he originally had a Kole 980 but wasnt getting the power he wanted out of it.
    looking in the sub 350.00 range if possible.
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    Sony has a bad habbit of rating their subs WAY higher than they were ever intended. They have a 1400 watt sub that is actually only 400 RMS. This 1200 watt sub is probably along those lines. He should check his owners manual and find the actual RMS rating. To the best of my knowledge, Sony never made a 1200 RMS sub.

    So saying its a 400 watt sub, as usual Ill go with MTX. This Thunder 801D puts out close to 1000 watts and is among the best on the market. It would deliver well over 400 watts to each sub. Its on clearance at a steal of a price and for this money you wont be able to find a better deal. Plus this is an authorized dealer so youll get the MTX warranty (not that youd ever need one as these things are indestructible).
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