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    Feb 2005

    Post PolkAudio,The Best Speakers I've ever Heard!

    All I'am saying is that since I've owned Polk Audio speakers,
    I have not heard any other speakers that reproduce Sound as
    good as my PolkModel 10B's.And if the resale prices are so
    artificially low I will never sell my pair of Polks.I'am sure some
    of you can identify with what I'am saying,to others I may
    sound a bit unreasonable.Think about what I'am saying,
    can you go out and buy another pair of your Classisc Polk
    Audio speakers at Todays prices,or another Brand of
    Speakers that will deliver the same sound quality?ask
    yourselves this question.Let me know what your answers
    Truly:discomixman. a True PolkAudio Beliver!.

    Home System.
    Sansui AU-G77X X Balanced Digital Ready Amplifier.
    Soundcraftsmen T6200 Quartz Synthesizer Tuner.
    JVC Tape Deck TD-R611 Digital Ready Cassette Deck.
    PolkAudio Model 10B Speakers.
    Samsung Progressive Scan DVD PlayerP230 With Dolby Digital
    Surround Circuits.DTS Theater System.
    Gemini Direct Drive Full Manual Turntable XL DD30 with Moving
    Magnet Cartridge.
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    are u hitting the enter key everytime or what? so hard to read...

    Vintage Polks offer a value hard to beat...

    Polks biggest competitor is itself. /////

    "No, that's silly talk. Dude, you can't possibly be this audio dumb so quit the act." - Doro

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    If you think that the 10b's are da' bomb, you need to hear some SDAs sometime.

    A little more spendy, but $ for $ worth the money too.:D
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    ICs-DIY Twisted Prs
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    2 Channel
    Ariston RD40 w/ Grado Cart
    SACD/CD Marantz 8260
    Soundstream/Krell DAC1
    Audio Mirror PP1
    Odyssey Stratos
    ADS L-1230
    ICs-DIY Twisted
    Speaker-Raymond Cable

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    Or spend less and bag some 7a's, IF you can find them, for similar results.

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    I think every once in awhile an engineer designs a product that just has the formula to be great. It doesnít matter if itís a washer machine or a door knob or a speaker and it doesnít have to be the biggest or most expensive, it just has to be just right. And I think thatís what discomixman is seeing with the 10Bís. Iíve also listened to speakers costing much more than the 10Bís and feel they were not even close in accuracy. I know Iím going to get beaten to death for this next comment, but I have never heard a better sounding speaker than the 10B. I really believe (IMO) the 10B is the result of Polk finding just the right formula.

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    Polk Audio Polk Audio Washing Machine.....YES!

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    Mar 2005


    As a neophyte I have not been blessed with the oppourtunity to peruse highly expensive speakers, or even to own my own 5.1 theater setup but I know what I like when I hear it.

    My Polk 5Jr+'s eats any other speaker i've ever owned. Each note is more articulate and open than any other speaker i've owned. I don't plan on selling mine. By the way, I saw some RT35s for $99, is that a good price?

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