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    Default SRS vs. 1.2TL audible differences?

    Considering the difference in price between the SDA SRS ($1200-1600) and the 1.2TL ($1700-2800), I'm curious as to how much of an audible difference there really is.

    From what I've read the tweeters are better (less harsh) on the 1.2s, and the crossover is different.

    For those of you that have listened to both (I have not), how much of a difference did you hear, and in your opinion was the difference enough to justify $500-1500 more for a pair?

    Did any of you prefer the SRS to the 1.2/1.2TL?

    Not planning to upgrade my SRS, just had my curiosity piqued with the most recent spate of for-sale offerings in the Flea Market...

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    I have listened to almost all versions of SDA speakers with the exception of SRT's. I prefer my SDA-SRS's only because I could experiment with different cables and electronics, thanks to the dealer, until I achieved the sonic results these speakers are capable of. The 1.2tl was less harsh in the high end due to the tweeters, but I also noticed a reduction in depth of soundstage, this could be a result of the connected components. All versions were excellent performers with the correct equipment driving them.

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    I have the SDA-SRS and the standard 1.2's. In a sense I have now converted the 1.2's into upgraded TL's by switching to the new replacement tweeters so I at least have an idea.

    I've enjoyed the SDA-SRS a little more than the 1.2's. The midrange seems to be more to my liking. Kind of breathy or something. Seems a little more alive too. I'm sure some of it might have to do with the cabinent design being a little stiffer on the 1.2's but I'm thinking the load to the amplifier is a lot different between the two and may be the bigger difference. If that is the case then it will depend more on what you drive them with rather than the speakers themselves.

    Sorry, I guess that wasn't much help. :)
    Vinyl, the final frontier...

    Avantgarde horns, 300b tubes, thats the kinda crap I want... :D

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    I compared my modified SRS's to my modified SRS 1.2TL's in my "Improvements To The SDA SRS" post.

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    Default Darque....Could you add a link....

    ....for us lazy asses?

    "I'm sure it's better than it sounds."

    Mark Twains' response, when asked what he
    thought of Wagners music.

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