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    Question S-8 polk audio speakers

    hello all

    i have just acquired a pair of model S-8 speakers

    they sound really good-in fact,i am going to replace

    a pair of kef's that i've been using with the polks

    anyone else have any info,or experience with the S-8's?

    thanks much


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    I have the S10's.
    Word of advice...get those 8's off the floor and on some stands about 12" or more.
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    thanks for the advice

    what exactly does it do when you put the s-8's on stands?

    maybe puts the tweeters at ear level?

    well,i have 12" stands,and also 22" stands-which would
    you recommend?

    thanks again for your input!!

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    You are right. Put them as close to ear level as possible.
    I don't know how far the tweeters are from the top of the cabinet. You will just have to place the speakers on each of those stands to see about where the tweeters are at.

    Depending on the furniture you sit on, 36"- 38" is usally about ear level.

    I just checked and rough estimates put the tweeter on the LSi15's at approximately 37 inches.

    I beleive the tweeter on the LSi25's is around 41". You have a few inches to play with, but again, it needs to be as close to ear level as possible.
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    I have a set of S8s that I bought new in maybe 1992. I love them to death. Fantastic imaging and very accurate. I thought they were by far the best speaker at the price when I got them new. My only complaint is a lack of very low bass.

    I recently got a set of Large Advents at the thrift store for $25. In compairing the two, the S8s are the clear winners in imaging and flat frequencey response. The Advents, however, have bass that will shake the room even at low levels. I'm considering adding a sub to the S8s. I think that might make for about as good a set up as I would ever want.

    For what it's worth, I paid $400 for them new. I believe the list was $500. Nice speakers. Hang on to them.

    Take care,

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    hi fast eddie

    thanks for your input

    i have decided to sell the s-8's-i really don't want to,
    especially since i just replaced the 2 passive subs
    with original polk parts from the factory

    however,an emergency came up,and i really need the cash

    do you know if i am allowed to sell them on this forum?

    it is new to me,so i really don't know-anyway,if it is
    permissible,the s-8's are almost mint condition,with only
    a few minute tears in the grille cloth(only noticable
    from a few inches away)

    so,if someone could please let me know if this is ok
    or not,i would greatly appreciate it


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