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    Default Speaker Cable Length Rule Apply To Interconnects Also?

    I'm trying to buy all the cables I need before moving out into my apartment...the 25' Acoustic Research Subwoofer Cable is only a dollar more than the 15' one... is there any disadvantage to getting the 25' cable if you KNOW you're probably not going anywhere near 25' away from the receiver?

    I want to cover my ground so I don't have to buy another sub cable when I move into a big house, but then again I don't want it to affect quality by using a 25 foot cable unnecessarily.

    Most of the cable will be wound up behind the sub anyway...
    Would that cost audio delays?

    I like that it would give me flexibility to put the sub wherever I want.


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    Default Go for the flexibilty with the sub cable.

    Most will say to use as short an IC as you can, and I normally agree with this with the exception of the sub cable, since placement is everything.

    Signal delays don't happen at near the speed of light. What is more important is phase issues with your sub. (Sound delays) due to placement. Make sure you can adjust phase with your sub amp if it will be a large distance from your mains.
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    Won't make a difference either way, imo. Sounds like you won't be needing any more than 15', but then the extra 10' won't affect the sound. Sounds like you either save a buck or you don't.

    Understand this, though: I've been known to subjugate my virtue for as little as one dollar.

    Don't hate me, that was almost funny.

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    Just don't coil the extra cable.

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