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Thread: Need advice...

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    Default Need advice...

    I'm getting closer to completing the new dedicated H/T room and I have a new question. You would think that purchasing a a/v cabinet would be a simple task but it not. I would like to spend no more than $500 on the rack but cheaper would be better. The one rack I have found that I really like the looks of is the BDI Vector av rack but I really don't know much about the company or the place I want to order it from. Can anyone recommend a good place to search for a/v racks. The other road block I'm running into is I'm trying not to go over 50" high. Here is a link of the a/v rack I want to get but the other thing is I would like to get it in black which I can with this one.
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    I second Doro`s recomendation...

    Paul is a great guy...very easy to work with.

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