I Like most others who are having to go the route of in wall speakers, am having a new house built. I am contemplating an in wall surround set up. This is what I am looking to potentially do.

2 LC265I's for the front right and left in wall (which I have read nothing but great reviews).

Either two more LC265I's for the rear in wall (I have to go to the model and check if there is room between the windows on one side)
OR more likely 2 LC65I's for the rears which would have to be in the ceiling. I know on the Polk site it recommends the LC80I's for use in a rear application but I didn't really want the rectangles with the rounds in the same room if I can help it.

For the center I was thinking about an LSiC on top of my TV.

I already have a PSW505 coming from my old RM6700 setup (which I have to find something to do with now) so the sub is covered.

So input on the potential setup I plan would be much appreciated. Specifically using the LC56's opposed to the LC80I's and even more important the selection of a center channel. I want them to match up fairly well so this is my most important decision.

Oh and one more thing: of course the rest of the house is wired with six more speakers including two outside I was thinking of equipping these with the RC85I's, so input on these speakers would be welcome as well.