I dnt completely understand how to run my eclipse amp at lower ohms and if i do will i potentially destroy speakers or my amp.
I have a PA5532 Eclipse 5/3 amp it says that it can run
125W 4 Channel + 460W 1 Channel
Max. Power Output at 2 OHM Stereo
70W 4 Channel + 280W 1 Channel
0.1% THD at 2 OHM Stereo,
20 20,000Hz@13.8V (RMS Continuous Power)
50W 4 Channel + 200W 1 Channel
0.1% THD at 4W Stereo, 20 20,000Hz@13.8V
I know from the reading what i have on ohms and what i can remember from physics class on wiring but it just becomes a big blur. If i wanted to run my MM1024 I think thats the part number to the 280 watt mark with 70 watt *4 how would i have to wire my sub so that it would make this kind of draw or am i thinking right that i would have to have more then one sub to make a 2 OHM draw from this amp. Also if i wanted to Draw 460 watts from this amp am i correct in thinking that i would need a cap to keep a higher constant power to the amp so that it can produce this power. I have the polk news paper that shows how to do it but it was with DVC is that the only kind of subs that can pull less then 4 OHMs?