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Thread: Great Deals!

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    Default Great Deals!


    Just wanted to drop a line and say that their are many deals that go on this forum that are just flawless and really show what we are all about a family, the stuff that Russman finds and offers is great, along with so many others, I hope we continue to focus on these deals and not the negatives ones. I also appreciate the calling out of the the people who try to get over on some of us. I have completed stripping my system with the sale of most of my stuff, no hassels, no problems, great people and great deals. Just wanted to vent alittle.


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    Ditto those sentiments, I've never had a bad experience with anyone. The last major incident that we had was before I was even here so that' s a pretty decent track record for the amount of gear and money involved.

    Keep up the good work everyone! :cool:
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    Someone find me some SRS's, 1.2's, or 1.2TL's in AZ and I'll agree! ;) :D


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