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    Question sub boxes/partition??/trple subs

    hello there you all are so helpfull!! thanks i need some help i currently have a hifoniks bx1500d soon to be pushing 3 alum12q ive owned them before only a pair the first time since the only way i can run a 1ohm load is wiring three ive got three ive noticed some boxes with partial partions and some with full seperation my thoughts are wouldnt they be fighting subs pushing and pulling i am partial to sealed boxes but ive been told that vented would be louder i personally dig the chest pounding bass let me know what you think if i could get it in my trunk i was thinking about three seperate boxes one vented and the others sealed is thi crazy let me know thanks!!!!!!!

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    actually, three 4-ohm subs will give you a 1.333 ohm load. but ignoring that...

    i am personally partial to boxes without dividers, but many prefer the ones with, because it strengthens the box (and allows 1 sub to die and the others to keep going). all subs move in and out at the same time, assuming you've wired them correctly, so you don't have to worry about them fighting each other.

    sealed boxes will produce a tighter response, but vented can be louder. for vented, the volume you get and the loss of transient response (i.e. how much worse it sounds over sealed) depend very much on the tuning of the box, which depends primarily on how much space you have to spend and if you prefer flat bass or kidney-punch bass.

    and mixing vented and sealed is something i've never heard of, and is likely to turn out badly. BUT, if you have some woodworking skills, you can build your own boxes and find out.
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