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    Default T.V. to receiver hook up?

    I'm a newbi and wondering if someone can help me out and explain how to hook my coax T.V. antenna up.

    Just purchased a Denon 2105 receiver on the recomendation of many people on this site and it is TERRIFIC! There is one coax antenna hook up on the back, but the manual only talks about this being for an FM antenna. Is FM radio antenna hook up the same as VHF T.V.? Can I plug the T.V. antenna into this coax port?

    Thanks for the help,

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    Are you trying to tune to TV audio on the reciever? I doubt it will allow you to do so unless it explicitly states that it will...

    More than likely, that is just for FM signal - and any standard dipole antenna should work fine for that purpose (skys the limit on fanciness - just a single wire works too - see attached image for example of what's on my stereo)
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    I use Cable tv for my FM and find it to be much better.
    1-from the wall to a splitter
    2-from splitter to TV (vcr,dig cable box)
    3-from splitter to back of receiver

    I get stations from other cities and the US. You might find the station that you listen to may be on another station.

    Clear clear broadcast !!
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