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    Default Price range of SDA SRS????

    Can anyone give me a good idea of the price range for an excellent shape pair of SDA SRS speakers? I've been looking for months and have found a pair that is within driving range. The owner wants 2200.00 FIRM. Some might say it depends how bad I want them, but I would at least like to know if the price is reasonable?


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    That's $700-$1200 higher than I've seen SDA SRS go. Are they SDA SRS, SDA SRS 1.2, or SDA SRS 1.2TL? The latter two will bring a slightly higher price.

    I have SDA SRSs, with new tweeters and upgraded crossovers. Even at that, I seriously doubt they would command the price your seller is asking.

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    Assuming these are the orginal SRS from 1985, $1400-$1800 is a more reasonable range. Ask the seller what he is basing his "firm" asking price on. He may have SRS's yet he may be basing his asking price on eBay sales he has seen of SRS 1.2's or SRS 1.2TL's. A month or so ago there was an eBay seller asking $1200 for a pair of SDA 1C's. The average selling price of 1C's is $600. The seller thought he was justified in asking $1200 for the 1C's because he had seen the top of the line SDA's sell for over $2000 and his speakers were "the third from the top".


    That 'ole boy is still trying to unload his SDA "1B's". His ad says he is selling SDA 1B's, but he has a picture of SDA 1C's. Be sure to check out the questions and answers at the end of the ad.:D

    The current ad is edited and toned down quite a bit from the original ad, which was hilarious.

    SDA "1B" Ad on eBay
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    Thanks for the replies! I found out they are actually SDA SRS 1.2's that are nearly flawless. I have not seen many offered for sale except a few on E-bay that appeared to have had a rough life.

    It's a long story but I originally made contact though an add over six weeks ago, but the person became ill and was hospitalized. Unfortunately the gent passed away and his son just re-contacted me and advised his mother was willing to sell them. After going and hearing them tonight I could not resist, they now have a new home...

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    Congrats, you made a wise buy. Enjoy!
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    Congratulations! Awesome speakers.


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    Congrats on your buy..,

    Hang around and we'll have you tweaking them in no time... ;)
    More later,
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