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    Default Help me pick a receiver for around $250-$350 for my polk home theatre setup

    Ok, I haven't bought yet but I'm planning to have 2 front Polk Audio RTi8 towers, CSi3 centre speaker, and 2 polk fxi3 surround(rear) speakers. im planning to upgrade to 6.1 in future so the receiver has to support 6.1 and have enough power,etc(other factors) that will make it play well. and i havent picked a sub yet but just pretend there is a 10" sub.

    so what receiver around 250-350USD price is good for this system?

    Would the Harman Kardon AVR235 Dolby Digital Receiver be sufficient for this system?

    How about the Yamaha HTR5750S Dolby Digital Receiver Yamaha HTR5750S Dolby Digital Receiver?

    I know Denon's and Harman Kardon's are good, but they are just too expensive new, for me at least. Yamaha looks good but I heard they exaggerate on specs, ie wattage per speaker, but you can take that into account. If you have any other good receiver's that are worth pointing out for a good price, let me know. And if you want to sell one personally, you can let me know as well

    I'm from Canada.

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    Add the Pioneer 1014 to your list as a good candidate.

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    If you are willing to buy used I allways recomend the Onkyo like the one I have, I love it. It has a 6 channels so you can put the rear in and it also has 2 rear surround preamps so you can go stereo in the back if you want to add an amp later.

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    Center RT2000p's (Bi-Wired) (on each side of the television)
    Sur FX1000
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    Thanks for looking

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    anyone want to comment on the cheaper priced yamaha's? and where can you buy used receivers in Canada? there are so many websites in the US but not canada

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    yes- H/K receivers will power all of those speakers wonderfully. and in my experience, will get superior service on both movies and ESPECIALLY music from the H/K

    what's most important, Harman Kardon is more conservative in their wattage ratings as well. They measure their wattage ALL SPEAKERS DRIVEN SIMULTANEOUSLY throughout the ENTIRE musical spectrum of 20hz-20khz. Not 1 CHANNEL DRIVEN at the 1khz point with the likes of Pioneer, Sony, Onkyo and Yamaha.

    The only other "receiver" manufactorers I know of that issue honest ratings as well as Harman are Denon, NAD, B&K, Marantz, and Outlaw. I'm sure there are more out there, but those are the ones i'm familiar with. If you want to see for yourself- do a google search. =)

    good luck.

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    Rears- Polk f/x 300i bipole
    Velodyne Cht-10
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