Anyone seen the commercial for the new VW Jetta? I'm not that fond of the car (I do believe I prefer the styling of the previous model), but I thought the commercial was cool. I'll try to not do a too horrible re-capping it.

This young couple (early 20s, I reckon) apparently live in the second story of an older house, while an older man owns the house and lives in the bottom floor. The couple is listening to their music loud and dancing and jumping around all over the place making a huge racket. Mean while the guy downstairs is knocking on the ceiling with a broom. In a minute he walks up to the second floor and knocks on their door. It appears that they apologise. The next scene is them in a parking lot stuffing a new Klipsch ( :D :D ) RW-10 subwoofer in the trunk of their (new) VW Jetta. Next you see them rockin' and boppin' to whatever Klipsch's new thin speakers are on the main level of the house. Then it zooms out and you can see the Jetta in the driveway and text says "The new Jetta: all grown up. Almost."

I thought it was pretty funny. I'm sure I botched it up, so it'll be better when you see it.

That's the first time I've seen Klipsch (:D :D) on TV.