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    Default Are 1K+ power cords over the top?

    I've just been browsing over at Audigon and I've seen outrageously priced power cords. Some auctions starting at $1 for a power cord that retails for $1750 like this one: ???? I mean, what is this thing made out of? Space age, super secret stuff? Do people actually buy these for the retail prices?

    Don't get me wrong, I donít mind spending money for good cables but these prices seem out there. Am I alone on this feeling?
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    damn. I guess it all depends on what you're hooking it up to. I wouldn't put that on a $800 receiver, that's for sure. But if I had a $10,000 amp running some $10,000 speakers with a $4000 CDP... etc etc... sure. Why not.
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    Are you kiddin I am going to buy these right now.

    Oh wait, I am not Bill friggin Gates.

    I guess I will look for cheaper ones.
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    Over the top? Yes. Worth it? Of course not. That's ridiculous.

    Will they sell close to the imaginary retail price? I will guess nowhere close, but someone might just have nothing to do in the following week but to spend money

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    Originally posted by dorokusai
    but someone might just have nothing to do in the following week but to spend money

    Oh to have his to-do list.
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