Ok, I sold my polk dx-12's to upgrade. I really do not know what I want to get now. I listen to a lot of hard hard rock and really really hard. I have a reputation at my local dealer for being hard on my equipment. I have 1/0 wire running to my trunk. I was thinking of getting a polk momo 12. I have also sold my amp. So, not I need a new amp, new sub, and a box. I will build the bod if I have enough energy. I was looking at the mtx 8100D that is rated at 500 watts rms@4ohms. I do know that the MTX amps push an extra 100-300 watts from past experiences. I was also looking at the RF 1000.1bd, but I hear the RF's don't sound right, and are not as stable. I am a little clueless on what amp I should purchase to go with a polk MOMO 12, or maybe a pair of 10's. I have not fully decided.