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Thread: fosgate

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    Question fosgate

    hi have a fosgate 400.4
    im runiing i by two for my momo465, for som reason the noise starts to whine when i turn on the engine and there were constant of loud poping noise. wat is wrong?
    i try different rca nd rewire the ground. wat else can i do?

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    A diff amp. Run your patch cords away from the power wire. I run power down one sinde and sound down the other side of my car. Try a diff. ground location, and make sure it is oil/grease/dirt/paint free and SHINY SHINY SHINY. I use to have an amp that did that, it was replaced It could also be a filter inside the amp. Try a diff. preamp out on your head unit too. I had a JVC that caused probs and I did the above and then flopped to the other rca and it was fine again.

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