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    Cool back speakers are not working

    Just purchased my system and the back speakers are not working and I need some help!!!!

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    Need a little more info before we can offer some advice.
    How do you have them hooked up?
    What kind of receiver are you using?
    Are you running 7.1 or 5.1?
    These are a few questions that need to be answered before we have a general idea as to what the problem may be.

    A couple of ideas.
    If you are running 7.1, make sure in the Speaker Setup section of the menu you select Rear (or Back) Surround speakers to Yes, or 2, and not Zone 2, depending on the receiver.
    With just 5.1, make sure, again, you've set the receiver correctly to reflect the amount of speakers. Second, make sure you connected the rear speakers correctly.
    Are the right speaker cables in the right inputs, and vice versa? Remember, Right Surround is to your right as you face the television, and vice versa for left.
    Other than that, I cannot help without more info. Also make sure your inputs are setup correctly on the receiver (ie digital coax or optical is selected depending on what you're using). Also, make sure your receiver is set on the correct surround mode, although that should happen automatically when a DVD sends a DTS or DD signal to it.
    Any other problems, give us an overview of your hookup.
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    As has been advised, the critical question would be
    1-Are the right speaker cables in the right inputs, and vice versa?
    2-What kind of receiver are you using?

    To make it easier just give us the name of your receiver with the model no.

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