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    Default freq response question

    what happens when you set a 100 or 120hz speaker to 80? just curious if it will damage. I'm pretty sure it wont sound good right? thanks

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    it defeats the point of a crossover because the speakers can't play the low frequency anyway. it would probably only damage the if you had it at high volumes. otherwise it wouldn't be much different then sending them the full range signal.
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    Yeah, it's no different than sending a full range signal. Not many speakers are full range anyway. The speakers crossover will do the work.

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    setting a 100hz speaker to 80hz will sound fine. For a 120hz speaker- you should set the crossover at 100hz. You have to keep in mind that with both speaker internal crossovers and the crossover in your pre/pro there's still a roll-off- sometimes as little as 6db per octave.
    The rule of thumb Polk customer service told me was as long as the crossover in your processor is set within the vicnity of
    +/-20hz of your speakers bass limit then you'll be fine.

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