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Thread: European Audio

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    Default European Audio

    I got to go into a high end Swiss audio store today. Very nice equipment. Many of them were familiar, but I never listened to them. I don't remember all of their selection, but they carried several Totem speakers(I know they are Canadian), Sonas Faber-very sexy speaers), Gershwin(spelling may be off), some Cambridge Audio stuff, McCormick, Einstein tubed pre's and integrated's.

    The G******* speakers are the same company as the piano maker. Very odd speakers. The tweeter(s) were on the front and midranges were on the sides(one or more on each side). I didn't have time for an audition, but they were definetly something different.

    BTW, do the Sonas Faber use the same Vifa ring radiating tweeter as the LSi's? The cheapest set of bookshelves were right around 1600 Swiss Francs(approx $1300-$1400).

    If I get time in the next week and a half, I might drop in for a little longer to get some auditions and what not. The gentleman was very helpful and was excited to talk to me about everything.

    Now, who wants to transfer me some money to setup my new house?

    Have a good one.


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    Olkie you have a PM

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