All of these speakers are brand new or practically new. These were intended as an upgrade to my R series system then found out my Onkyo receiver doesn't power them well. So I'm sticking with my R series system. Before I put these up on Ebay, I like to see if anyone in the bay area will like to buy them and save on shipping cost. If no takers, I'll put the rest up on Ebay in a week. Prices listed are firm and are exactly how much I paid for them. All speakers in black.

RTi8 (pair) $500
One speaker has been unboxed and listened to for about 2 hours. After testing them for a short while, I found a blemish on one of them so I got an even exchange for one of them. So one speaker is still in its factory sealed box.

RTi4 (pair) $187
Box opened to inspect the speakers. Never had a chance to play them at all.

Csi3 $152
Brand new in the factory sealed box.

You can come pick them up at my house or I can drop them off to you if you are anywhere between San Jose and San Francisco.
Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.