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Thread: Running wire

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    Default Running wire

    Im renting a house and dont want my wires exposed in living room thought about drilling holes in the loor and running them on the basement ceiling....any ideas of any other ways besides drilling in the floor and if so how do i do this and not get charged for the wholes when i move out. I might purchase the home though

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    Depending on how much you want to spend, this is what I did in my last home (and I am going to do it in my current one).

    My equipment was in a corner so I got some 1.5" pvc tubing, ran the wires through the tube and used some caulking to attach the tubing to the wall. At the top, along the ceiling, using some low voltage type staples, I ran the wires to my surrounds. Where the wire needed to come down at, I drilled two holes to drop the wire down to the speakers. Now these small holes can be covered up pretty easily when you remove the speakers.

    As to cover up the wire along the ceiling, I used crown molding that I installed that myself. The pvc tubing a painted tghe same as the wall. afterwards it was a pretty clean look.

    After renting many places, they are still going to charge you sometype of fee from your deposit so I wouldn't worry about some holes that you can cover up later. If your going to buy the place later, the crown molding adds a nice touch.
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    Just drill a hole behind the speaker and another one just above the baseboard. Run the speaker wire through the holes and then under the baseboard to your stereo. It will use alot of wire, but look pretty clean and be easy to patch.

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    If the floor is carpet, don't even worry about it- they'll never see it- drill up from underneath and as soon as you get through the wood stop & make a small slice in the carpet w/ a razor blade.

    For hardwoods, I would add speaker terminal boxes and actually have the wiring go up into the walls- if you thing the Landlord will bitch, switch them out with blank wallplates when you move out. You;d be amazed at what people don't notice.
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