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    Default Problem with Magnets?

    I finally got my new HD tv its only a 27" but I got me one, Here is my problem. I bought a new cabinet and put my center speaker on top CSI40 and my 2 RT55I next to the cabinet. As soon as I turned my tv on my left side of the screen was Green. I tought this speakers were shielded? Any ideas? thnaks in advance

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    i was talking to a polk rep today about magnetic shielding as i am thinking about turning a bookshelf on its side and using it as a center, and the rep told me there are degrees of magnetic shielding. bookshelf/floostanding speakers have a second magnet attached to the one that drives the speaker, which dampens/cancels the magnetic field of the speaker. center channels have both the second magnet and a layer of metal placed somehow in the speaker (not sure on the details) to further dampen the signal since it is usually placed right next to the TV. so... i would suggest moving the bookshelf speakers farther away.
    also, it might not be the speakers, depending on the type of TV. some of the new-fangled TV's get funkily colored after they are moved, and clear up after they are left off for 30 minutes. might want to check you TV manual.

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    Sometimes the bucking magnet might not have recieved it's opposite polarity charge properly. In this case, Polk would probably be willing to assist you with replacing the culprit driver. I would call Polk CS and see what they say to do.
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