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    Default The best surround type for 7.1- Monopole, Bipole, Dipole?

    I read the above link today from Home Theater Magazine. Very interesting to say the least. I've never been a fan of monopole surrounds- even for music and SACD- but I never expected dipoles to work back there either, considering you'd be out of the "null" area. I always had my rear f/x's set on bipole and just left it there, but now I'm going to do an a/b comparo for both the Episode I Pod Race and my SACDS and see if Home THeater mag. has a point.

    What is everyone else's take on this may I ask- for both movies and music?

    Monopoles all the way around?
    Dipoles sides/ Bipoles rears?
    Dipoles sides/ Monopole rears?
    Bipoles all the way around?

    ar any other configuration?

    fronts- rti-4
    center- csi-3
    sides- f/x300i (di)
    rears- f/x300i (bi) (for now)

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    As I don't have sidewalls anywhere near where my surrounds are positioned, I went with monopoles--RTi6s. I believe bipoles/dipoles should be located near a wall so that their sound can be reflected back into the listening area.

    For rears, I went with the FXi5s as they are right up against a wall. I have them set to bipole.

    Another reason I got both the RTi6s and FXi5s is to experiment with different configurations. I probably would have gone with monopoles all around if it weren't for that.
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    Sony 9100ES DVD
    Outlaw 990 pre/pro
    Outlaw 7100 amp
    Panasonic TH-37PX50U plasma
    Polk RTi8/CSi5/RTi6/FXi5(front/center/surround/back)

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