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    Default Does driver size sway your speaker purchase?

    Ever since I got used to the SR5250's in my car, I've found that I am much more fond of those speakers with 5" or 5.25" midrange drivers. Anything bigger and I just don't feel like they have life to them, and anything smaller doesn't seem to do well with the lower midrange like they should.

    I know its a generalization, but it seems to be holding true with most of the speakers I have listened to in the last 5-6 months. Is this merely driven by my listening preference/what I have gotten used to listening to?

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    I have heard 10s and 12s sound great and I've heard them sound horrible.
    I think it all depends on how the desigen is and if it is in balance with the other drivers.

    Take the vandersteen 2 or 3. They have a 8 and 10 in them and they have a nice sharp balanced sound to them.

    Forget size and specs. Always let your ears be the judge.

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    Not swayed by size. These both live in my living room; the only similarities:

    * cabinet builder (Michael Berg of Hudson, MA)
    * cabinet material (3/4" Baltic Birch plywood)
    * outstanding reproduction within their bandpass(es) :-)

    15" "Duplex" (two way coaxial) in vented corner enclosure

    5-1/4" twincone "fullrange" in mass loaded, folded, tapered quarter-wave tube
    all the best,

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