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Thread: amp receiver

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    Default amp receiver

    I just had a carver 125 w/c in stereo mode come up for sale for 75 ish bucks and I was thinkingabout getting it for a computer set up. I have a receiver that is very odd I found in the depths and mysterous junk pile in my storage room. I'm at work so I can't get specfics but just wondering if it will work. It's a yamaha receiver that is only 3 channel / center, and two surrounds. It is suppose to work with a stero amp. Is this carver amp a good deal?

    This is for a games occassionaly. Most likely it'll be utilizing r15's as this will be in a dorm.

    This would be replacing a logitech z-2200 if anyone knows anything about it. I am using a Creative audigy 2 ZS.

    I havne't gone into any kind of seperate amp but wondering if this carver power amp would work.


    Sorry abou the lack of specifics and detail more to come once i get home and get the specs on the receiver.
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