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    Have to admit - went on faith, Polk's well deserved reputation, a whole lot of on-line reviews, prior extensive experience with a pair of 10B's (dating myself), a brief demo in the store, and a firm conviction that if I couldn't figure out what I liked or disliked about any speaker within 30 days, I shouldn't be into hi-fi and HT.

    My system is not the best - I know that. But it is very good by any measure. And for what I paid, it represents tremendous value, and I think that pretty much defines Polk and my philosophy about hi-fi and HT.

    BTW, I believe in good connections too - Monster, AR, etc. That's one area where CC IS a rip-off - I buy that stuff on-line.

    Great thread.........thanks for all the differing opinions.

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    I believe in diminishing return, and Polk's provide quite a high value for the money. Were I to purchase speakers in that 2K-6K range each, yes I'll hear an improvement, but not enough to justify the money spent. Now if I was a millionare, that's a different story :D

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