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    Default 1.2 TL identification help

    Hi. I am only really familiar with the Polk SDA 1B. I am going to look at a pair of 1.2 TL's. Could someone be kind enough to help me identify these speakers as claimed? As I understand it, these were the last 1.2's made by Polk and therefore it seems likely they are better than earlier versions, but I am no expert. I just love the sound of the SDA 1B's and can only IMAGINE how good these are!! Thanks for any tips on this pending purchase.

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    IIRC, the 'tl' could be part of the serial number, but I'm not sure.

    Check this thread for details.

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    Not sue how fool proof that is, 1.2TL has SL3000 which is very different from the silver dome SL2000. T\If they don't have SL2000, then there is a good chance that they are 1.2TL unless they are all replaced by the silk dome which is not a bad thing either.


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    Default 1.2tl

    without pulling out the drivers there are a few clues:

    1. clearly the 3000 tweeters is the first clue.
    2. the 9 bolt pattern on the crossover panel (4 top, 4 bottom, 1 center screw) is the second.
    3. pin/blade sda connection

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