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    Default only my family....

    So today my dad had a cookout for the fourth, and for my birthday (whcih was the other day... big two-five...). Anyways, my dad has this world-famous chocoalte cake he makes, so he tries to make it... except... for some reason it didn't rise or cook,it just turned into this ... dish of chocolate goo. So we tried it, and it was FANTASTIC, despite its mysterious non-cooking. So we kinda put it aside, my sister makes brownies instead.... and as we're about to eat them, we have an idea.... and proceed to put ice cream on top of the brownies, and the mysterious uncookable cake goo on top of that.

    Good God was it delicious.

    Not sitting particularly well, but it sure was delicious.

    Only my family would say "hey, this mysterious chocolate mixture for some reason won't cook... let's use it as brownie sundae topping!!"

    That's my fun holiday story for this weekend... :)
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    that's awesome!!! Figure out what you did right/wrong and report back. haha I gotta try this, coming from a HUGE chocolate freak.
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    stating the obvious here ... did he turn the oven on? :)

    cake batter / mix just before it goes in the oven is quite tasty... damn I'm hungry now.

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