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    Default Just purchased Monitor 7's Upgrade suggestions?

    I just purchased these and they are on the way. Bought them off of Audiogon. Any suggestions on upgrading them (Tweeter's Crossover's or anything else). I will include a link to them so someone may be able to tell which version these are. I think there was an a, b and c model. Any insight would be great!

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    Welcome to the forum shanedrew.

    They look to be in nice shape. I like Oak.

    I don't know much about Monitors, other than the tweeters look like the SL2000's in my SDA's. According to the parts list, 7C's came with SL2000 tweeters. There is a replacement for that tweeter that isn't as bright sounding. Depends on what you like though.
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    The tweeter you are speaking of, is it the silk one? I prefer the silk over the harddome. Thanks for the reply
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    Yeah, you can easily replace those with the new silk tweeters. I'd also make sure the seal is nice and tight if it isn't already.

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