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    Lightbulb AMP and SUB wiring questions...

    I have a Crunch Drive DS-4002 amp and 2 Polk EX12 12" Subs. The subs are 400 watts max with an RMS of 150W. The amp according to (specs I got online) will push 400W x 2 @ 4 Ohms or 200 RMS x 2 @ 4 ohms. I believe I can also brige it to make it MONO @ 800W.

    Now my question is, I hear you get more power out of the amp if you hook it up MONO and hook the speakers in parallel. Is this true? How do I do this. Sorry this is all new to me but I am a very smart individual and any advice is greatly apprciated. I want to hook this up the best way and get the best sound but unfortunately this is the equipment i have to work with. I know its not the best so i figrued you great people here could give me a hand in maximizing the performance out of this setup.

    Can I bridge this amp which will make it MONO and Wire in parallel? I heard with 2 4-ohm speakers, that will make a 1-ohm load? Is that true? Or will it be a 2-Ohm load which is what I am hoping.

    Another question is: Does bridging a 2-CH amp (making it MONO) reduce the impedence to 2-Ohms from 4-Ohms using 4-Ohm speakers?

    Another important question i have is: Since I have a 2-CH amp and (2) 4-Ohm subs, if i hook this up one sub per channel (conventional hookup), will the amp run at 4-Ohms or does it change to 8?

    What is the best way, and if anyome could give me some background and details i would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance,


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    since your subs are 4 ohm, if you try to parallel them (hook the two +'s together and the two -'s together), you'll dump the amp down to 2 ohms... if you bridge the amp - and throw a 2 ohm load on it - you will fry it, surely.

    your amp is supposedly rated at 200 x 2 at 4 ohms. the subs are only 150 w ... so that's perfect.

    hook one sub to the LEFT channel... hook the other sub to the RIGHT channel... then you're running in stereo... at 200 watts per sub.

    you'll be running at 4 ohms... which is the only way to make your setup work.

    the ex subs will get loud on a little bit of power, you dont have to put tons of juice on them.

    as far as "making your amp mono" - you can't do it - you would need 8 ohm subs, or "2 subs with dual 4 ohm coils per sub" - which you do not have.

    don't listen to some cracker ass nitwit that goes "oh ya - i 'made my amp mono' and now its so phat, ya look at it... ya'..." - i hate the 'wanna be car audio geniuses'.

    just run it in stereo (left and right) - hook one sub to each channel, and you will be fine. ex12" subs are "happy" in a 0.88 cubic inch sealed box (easiest to build/buy) but can also be put into ported boxes or other configurations... i think a 0.75 to 1 cubic foot (what you can probably buy in a store) box per sub would be perfect - if the box is just one big chamber (no divider between subs) then it needs to be 1.5 to 2 cubic feet for those 2 subs total.
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