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    Default Instructions to upgrade/tune-up crossovers?

    I've been reading a bunch of posts about doing a tune-up on Polk crossovers. I have a pair if RTA 15TL's and am curious on what can be done (or should be done) to a set of old crossovers? I've heard about buying new pieces and replacing the old via solder and then I've heard about cleaning "caps" off, but nothing has been too detailed.

    Are there clear standard instructions somewhere that someone knows about which clearly list what should be done and specifically how it should be done and with what parts?

    If not, someone out there with the knowledge should create a clear and detailed instruction book on how and exactly what should be done and then sell it on e-Bay or to the people to this forum? I'm sure you could come up with every reason in the world why not to do it and why it wouldn't work. But I bet some optimist out there could make it a go!

    Anyway, and info would be greatly appreciated. God Bless!

    Andy Gallun

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    Basically, what you have to do is replace all the electrolytic capacitors with film capacitors and replace the resistors with 1% resistors. Electrolytic caps begin to leak after at most 10 years, hence the need to replace them and why not use film caps that never go bad when you do it. Just remove a crossover and check the values of all the caps and resistors and order replacements. You have to be handy with a soldering iron but it is pretty simple otherwise.

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