The HQV Benchmark dvd is a disc that most should have in thier collection. The disc will help the user test & socre dvd players & displays. We use this disc to test new players that come out & displays that we sell. For anyone who feels all dvd players are the same & the better players do not have a much better picture than the lower end players this disc will prove why better players & displays are better, & you see the difference. The tests are easy to run & the scoring system is easy to follow. I have even taken this disc to the big box retail stores to see which entry level dvd player & display did a decent job. I asked the sales guy to please play this disc in a certain player & I got to run through a quick test, only to find out the player failed almost all the tests, the display's scaler was not bad & did do a better job than the player we tried. If you want to find out how your player & display preforms this is a disc to have. We just got a Marantz DV7600 & we are pleased with the picture preformance, that player passed 99% of all the tests with component & hdmi out. With most stores now offering 30 day return, you can purchase a player & take it home test the player see exactly how it preformes! :)