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    Default acura rsx - sound system recomendations

    Ok, a while back I posted a question about making a nice system in my rsx but a few months later I had my civic stolen so I have opted against having a really nice system in my rsx. Now my goals are to have just a decent system.

    This is what I have so far
    Headunit: Alpine CDA-9833
    Front speakers: Polk Momo MMC6500
    Rear speakers: NONE
    Sub: Polk MM10
    Amps: NONE

    So the first question is: What speakers should I get for the rear (they can fit 6.5), should I go with another set of MMC6500 or should I just go with a coaxial like the db650 or mmc650?

    Second question: What amps should I look at? Is there a single 5ch amp that could power all 3 sets of speakers even thought I might not be powering the sub as much as I could.

    Thanks for all the help.

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    Some people do not like running rear speakers, I myself do. If you are not careful it will mess up your front stage. I have my rear speakers to a point when you can't really tell that they are on, untill I disable them. I think it gives a little bit fuller sound and let my passenger hear the music without having up too loud for me up front.

    If you opt to not run speakers in the back, Kicker makes a nice 3 channel amp. Two stereo channels for the front and on class D channel for the back. They also sell a pretty hefty 5 channel amp. It is pretty much the same thing as the 3 channel, just 2 more channels. Also, I if you opt for rear speaker, coaxial will be fine anything more is overkill (I use them just because I did not want to spend more money since I already had some speakers).
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    throw the 6.5" momo coaxials in the back and just dial the gain back so they're only seeing about 1/2 the power as the fronts - that's no exact science, but play with it dude - make it FEEL and SOUND like all the music is coming from up front, while still "filling up" the rest of your car with the rears at low power.

    Here's a nice JBL amp that would do the job perfectly...

    60 x 4 to the fronts and rears, with 300 x 1 at 4 ohms to the sub.

    note - it's a 6 channel - channels 1 through 4 are 60 watts at 4 ohms... channels 5 and 6 are 107 watts at 4 ohms, you bridge 5 and 6 to hook to a single 4 ohm sub. and get 300 watts to it.
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