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    Default In-Ceiling Speakers and Blown In Insulation

    If you install speakers in a ceiling then have blown in insulation applied, do you need to remove the insulation around these speakers or will they sound ok with direct contact to the insulation?

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    You need not remove the insulation. Actually it will improve the sound quality. Tighter bass is the result.

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    Isn't best to use a form speaker box?

    I could be wrong I had trouble finding a link of one.

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    Steve, were you referring to these? Nice, buy pricey. I built my own and used the coin in other areas. Ken of Polk had told me that the LC series in-wall/ceiling speakers benefit the most from an exact volume enclosure while the others did not.

    I'd be concerned about the blown in insulation working in around the backside of the driver. I would lay a piece of blanket insulation over the speakers before the blown in insulation were applied. Building code here for ceilings is blanket insulation with a vapor barrier with blown in on top of that.
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