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Thread: Collective Soul

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    Default Collective Soul

    Hadn't listened to the CD lately but, boy was I glad I chose this today!! Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid by Collective Soul Great CD!! Has nice melow songs and real rock songs-they have a style that is all their own. And since this is an older CD, it hasn't been digitally "Enhanced" to be louder like alot of CDs nowadays are. I would recommend this to anyone

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    Nice call ledhed, I personally like their "Self Titled" sophmore CD. It was one of the best CD's of the 90's, and what makes them stand out is the sound they have that is purely distinctive to themselves.

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    Those guys are great. Their lyrics have an introspective/deep component to them. To reiterate the above posts, they also have a very distinct sound to them. Excellent band.

    Here's an example of their type of lyrics:
    Collective Soul

    Hey you're now thirsty
    Walking in the desert all alone
    Hey you're now searching
    Lost in isolation from your soul
    The bullets you bite
    From the pain you request
    You're finding harder to digest
    And the answers you seek
    Are the ones you destroy
    Your anger's well deployed

    Hey why can't you listen
    Hey why can't you hear
    Hey why can't you listen
    As love screams everywhere

    Hey you now hunger
    Feeding your mind with selfishness
    Hey you now wander
    Aimlessly around your consciousness
    Your prophecies fail
    And your thoughts become weak
    Silence creates necessity
    You're clothing yourself
    In the shields of despair
    Your courage now impaired

    You crucify all honesty
    No signs you see do you believe
    And all your words just twist and turn
    Reviving just to crash and burn
    You're fighting till the bitter end
    If only your heart could open up
    And listen
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