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    Default Need some Disney World advice

    I'm working on booking a trip for my fiancee and I to WDW around October 3rd (anniversary, AND possible elope that she won't know about!). I've went through dozens of websites looking for deals and there are just so many that I can't figure out what to do. What I'd like to get is a week long stay in one of their resorts with meals included. A guy I work with said his wife set their whole trip up for them and their daughter and it ended up costing them $23/day for their passes and the room was only $79 with 2 meals per day per person, which included the tip for the waiter. My fiancee and I are EXTREMELY thrifty so I'm looking for the cheapest way to do this. I've even thought about staying off the park and eating somewhere else, but the time it would take to leave and eat and to not be able to utilize the resort priveledges (parks open 1hr early, stay open 3 hours later) make me want to pay the extra few $$$ for the convenience.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!

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    Well, Maz only been there once, took my wife, adult child, two grandbabes on a day trip. Now just paying normal prices I think I dropped 400-500 in the House of the Mouse for the day.

    If you can get it for less go for it. Seems February is the best month for deals. Also the park is less crowded.

    Now then let me add, when trying to win the heart of your fair maiden for keeps is not exactly the best time to cheap out!!!! ;) Since she is thrifty she may very well appreciate the dough you spend more than some spoiled princess. My Daughter did her honeymoon with her Ex there, they paid some big dough to stay close during peak time. Good Luck and GO FOR IT.

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    Go directly to Disney. You may pay just a little more but it will be right. Definitely stay on their property as the transportation system is better that way. The perimeter properties such as the All Star or Pop Century will give you the best value. They are not as nice as the ones next to the parks but if you are like us, you dont spend much time there anyway. At most it is 10-15 min. by bus to any of the parks. Ask for a deal on the meal plan. For about $35 per person per day (we were in peak season) we got lunch (or breakfast) in the park at any of the fast food type places and a meal at any of the major restaurants in the park (ie: the restaurant in the Magic Kingdom Castle or the resaurants in Epcot) or any of the restaurants at the resorts such as the Polynesian, Grand Floridian, etc..(yes tips are included). You also get a snack each day (coke, ice cream, fruit). If we had paid individually each meal for what we ate we would have spent between $100 - $150 per person per day. WELL WORTH IT! The Hopper pass is more pricey but worth it IMO (allows you to go from park to park any time). If you fly, Disney will handle luggage, airport shuttle, boarding passes for the flight home. We've used various travel agents over the years to try and find better deals...but in the end it was just about at cheap to go with Disney. Also they used to have something called the vacation club that was sort of cheap to join and saved you a bunch on the back end. Don't know if still exists.

    Don't be TOO thrifty and have fun.
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    When you're talking Disney, you're not going to do it to cheaply. If you're going to take the plunge of eternal bliss (or hell, depending on how long you've been married), spend the couple of extra bucks and stay on property. They really are not that much more than something off site, and if you add all the time saved by staying there, they may even come out cheaper.

    When Disney does it, they do it right. The attention to detail of everything they do, everywhere you go is just amazing. The service is leaps and bounds above anyone else, and the ease of getting around makes the stay there well worth it. (although I don't think the service is what it was 20 years ago).

    Start with and work your way from there. They give good deatils on all the hotels (I would go with something newer, the older ones are starting to look a little old). Call all the travel agents you can find, one should be able to get you a good deal. You should be able to work out a deal where all you have to do is land in Orlando, get to the airport lobby, and Disney takes it from there.

    I stayed at the Wilderness lodge a year ago October. Went to all the parks, spent time in each of the pools, and even had dinner with Minnie. The kids couldn't get enough. There was not a single employee there that would not give us more than enough help when ever we asked a question.

    I know I sound like an advertisement (no, I don't work for them), but I've been to a ton of theme parks, and NOTHING compares to Disney.

    Make SURE you reserve a dinner with the characters! (The service is so good, I bet you can arrange for Mickey to drop off a ring at the table.).

    Good Luck. Have Fun.
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    Fun times for you ahead....make this trip a memorable one because the wife and I still think back once in a while what we did on the day we were married.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazeroth
    A guy I work with said his wife set their whole trip up for them and their daughter and it ended up costing them $23/day for their passes and the room was only $79 with 2 meals per day per person, which included the tip for the waiter.

    where did that guy get that deal?!?!?!?!?! were Cheetos and hand jobs involved?!?!?!?!?!?! I cant stay at a motel six by my house for that price!

    If you find it, keep us posted
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    Thanks for all the input so far guys. I really appreciate it.

    I talked to him today and he said his daughter got to stay and eat for free, and the room was $79/day for BOTH, INCLUDING MEALS. I told him that sounded too good to be true but he assured me that was the case. He said he had the information at home and would bring it to work tomorrow, if he finds it. If he does I'll be sure to let you guys in on the info.

    Thanks again!

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