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Thread: Bi amping LSI25

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    Default Bi amping LSI25

    Im looking at going with a 7 CH amp rated 200 into 4 ohms. I have saw on a few recivers that in a 5.1 setup you can take the leftover ch and use thoses as a biamp ch. IS that true ann who much is to much power for the LSI.

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    Just a heads up...

    This has been beaten to death a million times on here. You can do a search on "bi-amp", "LSi25", and "Amplifiers" and you will find numerous threads full of answers.


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    If I can't biamp the LSi25. It isn't wired traditionally.

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    Correct. The only biamping you really do with the 25s is to run the sub portion seperately from the rest. The top three drivers are all wired into the top terminal so removing the jumper does not seperate those out.

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