My brother lent me a case containing xbox games, to see which I want. In the back was a DVD of Roger Waters live. I thought what the hack, popped that puppy in. I sat back and listened. Then this acoustic song came on, the PQ was crap so I turned off the TV, it was getting dark out, I had no lights on. I turned up the volume closed my eyes. Then it hit me, I thought he was in my living room playing that guitar. I was blown away, I had never heard such clean, accurate, room filling realistic sounding music before. Last night I made my wife listen to it and she agreed it sounded amazing. (then I saw my chance for a plug"you think it sounds good now , imagine it better" then I got the look so I shut up) This was my/our first time listening to an audio DVD and I find it sounds better than a cd in terms of fullness and clarity if this makes any sense. :D