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Thread: Fry's Sales

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    Default Fry's Sales

    Hey guys,

    How are you guys notified of Fry's sometimes killer deals? Figured there was a mailer or something I could sign up for to receive notifications of sales...
    I searched Fry's site and could not find a link...

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    Default, but we get ads in the newspaper every other day in Indy, with the big ad on Fridays.

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    Since you're in Dallas, check your local papers, they usually have ads everyday, but as ND13 says, Fridays are always best for audio products.

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    yes, I get my Fry's ad from the Friday Dallas Morning News....I think the telegram has it too...

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    Yep, the ads are also in the Star Telegram.
    There are ads mon (in the main section), wed, sat and sunday in the last page of the sport section. Friday the big ad insert :D.
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