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    Default story from another board

    I know we're all getting tired of Hurricane Katrina related threads on every message board on the internet, but I came across this story on another board I frequent. Thought you might be interested:

    "Today a young man in his twenties Knocked on my Door! i answered it he says hello spoke very nice in a calm voice dressed very nice.

    he asked me if i wanted to donate money to a Relief Fund for the victims of hurrican Katrina. i said sure let me ask you a couple of Questions he says what questions?

    1 what Organization are you with? he could not tell me the name he just started mondya after noon.

    2 where is the money going and who is it helping? he had trouble understanding this Question.

    3 Can you please show me a comapny badge or something showing your collecting from the victims? he could not show me anything, all he could say is a man with a white van recruited him to collect and he will make 40$ a day.

    what is his name? or Organization is he with?

    Sir Are you going to make a donation or what? whats with the questions no else has asked me Questions like this!!

    i said well scammers come out of the Woodwork to take advantage of people in time of need and people out of the goodness of there hearts to donate funds to help ppl out.

    i said since you cant give me a name or address or any form of id showing who you are collecting for i will not be doanting anything today Thanks for asking.

    he said see how people are not willing to help the people in time of need. i said i am willing to help but your not showing proof that your collecting from them!!!! so i do not trust this for being legitimate Organization and the proceeds going to the victims.

    i said if your scamming ppl and pocketing this hard earned money people has donated to your NO NAME ORGANIZATION i sure hope you need the funds more than the vicitms who lost everything including love ones due to death!

    he Finally broke down and told me he was working with a friend to scam people for money and they know ppl will chip in what ever they can.

    so i called the police and made the report and 1 officer came out took my info and i seen the white VAN drive by the officer stopped them and id the man in the passanger seat. and they had two clear buckets with white lids on them full of money and the guy who was at my door told the cop everything.

    Both went to Jail.....for Fraud Charges."
    Ludicrous gibs!

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    Sounds like the kid, though a crook, had a "little bit" of conscience left or he would have just left after the quiz had started. He definitely wouldn't have told the person he was trying to scam the truth if he didn't.

    Nah,...........just another "DUMB CRIMINAL" story!!!

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    stay away from those white vans ppl.

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    First, there was white van speakers scam. Now $ scam from the white van on one of our worst natural disasters. These scammers should be severly punished.

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