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    Cool I need HELP with my MMC690!!

    Brief Story:
    I bought a pair of MMC690 and a pair of MMC650 a couple of months ago.
    I installed the MMC650 and the crossovers got melted because of the heat, obviously the speakers dont work anymore. Then I bought some Kicker components, they are installed and working well.

    After two months of installing the MMC650 I decided to install my MMC690, and like I already had a bad experience with the MMC650 I decided to check on the crossovers. They are getting extremly hot. They wont last too much if I keep on using them.

    Im using a Lighting Audio 400.4 (75x4 rms) for the speakers.

    What do you recommend me? Is there any other crossover I could use, other brand maybe, or does POLK has like heavyduty crossovers?

    By the way, I live in PANAMA, I bought those speakers in Dallas, a store called Speakers and Tweeters or something like that. I could make use of the warranty, but Ive just started on installing all the equipment on my car, I dont want to waste more time on shipping them back and forth.

    Best regards,

    Rod Blasser
    Panama City, Rep of Panama.
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