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    Default Which rear surround speaker?

    Which is a better rear surround speaker for my HT setup? I am thinking about switching out my RTi28's for FX300i's.
    My current set up:
    Front: RTi100 or RT800i (not sure which one to use yet)
    Center: CS400i
    Rear: RT55i
    Sub: PSW450

    Also how much should I ask for the RTi28's and how much should I pay for FX300i's?


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    It is your choice what you like for surrounds. I have used both a direct radiating RT25, RT55 and dipole/bipole models FX300 and RT/FX. I like the direct models for multi channel music (SACD/DVD-A) and the dipoles for movies. The dipole models work best for me on the sides when I use my HT setup in a 7.1 mode with the unipole models for the rears.

    28s & 300s? Both models bring around 125-150 a pair.
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    bipoles imo. the f/x 300's in Bipole mode. Provides a perfect blend between diffuse and direct sound.

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