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    Question Blue Jeans Component Cables

    Hello all, I am looking at purchasing three sets of these cables. Can anyone provide a hands on opinion??

    I also need a quallty optical link cable but don't want to break the bank.

    Any help is appreciated!!

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    Go for it! BJC makes good stuff!!! I own a few pairs of their IC's
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    I noticed a marked improvement in clarity and color over Monster CV3 component video cables with the component video cables sold by Blue Jeans Cable. I found this area to be their best cost/benefit wise because the coaxial cable they use by either Canare or Belden and the Canare RCA connectors they use are top notch for the purpose of transmitting video signals. I wouldn't consider anything else for component video use because I don't think anything else is necessary for use with HDTV or progressive scan video signals.

    For audio use, I found the cables to be excellent choices for use with receivers but overly bright/harsh with higher resolution gear.
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    I have heard that they are pretty good but I use Cobalt Cables for my interconnects and front three with excellent results.
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    I use quadshielded RG6 with F-RCA connecters and it looks just as good as my fancy "top-of-the-line" old Monster Component cables.

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