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    Default Standard DVD Player vs. DVD Player with Upconversion

    Has anybody out there done a side-by-side comparison of a standard DVD player versus one with upconversion for the same DVD on an HDTV? Just wondering how much of a difference in resolution there is between the two. Is it significantly noticeable to warrant any form of player upgrade?

    Let's shelve the idea of waiting to buy a Blue Ray player for the time being, although that just might be the answer! ;)
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    I have used the cheap ones that they have at Circuit City, none of those $1000 players that I have seen around. From what I have seen, it is not worth it. I didn't see much of a difference. In fact, I noticed more video noise on the upconversion players. I just prefer keeping it at their original resolution.

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    It does make a big difference IF your display is a DLP, plasma or LCD with a digital input like HDMI and or DVI. I have done many comparisons with late model Sony and Harman KLardon component only players. What probably makes most of the difference is the digital connection as there is no loss in PQ over DVI and HDMI. There are a few things to look out for with these upconverting players and not all are created equal. Under $300 people like Oppo, Zenith/LG, and the Denon series. If your set is an analog CRT then there will be little to gain from an upconverion player because your TV often has a better scaler than the player.

    Best if you go to AVS forums and go to DVD section.

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    Yes, I have done a comparison between an upconverting DVD player and a standard DVD player on my HDTV. Is it a fair comparison? I would probably say no, but the Denon 3910 blew away the Toshiba SD-3950 on a Panasonic TH-42PX50U plasma.

    I actually did a A/B on them after borrowing a second copy of LOTR:TT. The Toshiba only using component connection (all it had). The Denon was using HDMI (only connection it outputs the upsampled signal). Both players had been calibrated with DVE before the comparison was done. Both players had the same movie placed in them and queued to the different chapters. A MX800 remote had a macro generated to senf the "play" signal to both players at the same time so that simply changing what input the TV was displaying would switch between the two movies.

    The Denon clearly had a better, cleaner, and more detailed picture. Some of this can be attributed to the difference in connection, but not much since I had earlier done a comparison between the HDMI connection and the component connection from the cable box on the same display (wanted to make sure the HDMI looked better since that is not always the case with STB's). Both appeared to be the same quality in that comparison. Anyway, the upconverter really outclassed the Toshiba, but is it ever really fair to compair a retail $1300 player vs a retail $150 player...

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    Right, you had those results most likely because the two players are in a different class. I'd bet that if you just compared component vs component with no upconversion on both players, you'd probably get the same results...
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    Personally, I don't think it really makes much of a difference in your TV (as long as it's HD and has a DVI or HDMI in) but depends on which dvd player you're talking about. I have seen a lot of upconverting players out and I'm sorry but you cannot spend <$150 on an upconverter and expect better quality. It's not going to happen. You'll actually GAIN distortion and noise in your picture. You honestly have to start with the Denon 1920 and go up from there, otherwise you're wasting your money. The Denon 3910 might be out of a lot of people's budget but the 2910 should be minimum for anyone with an HD plasma or DLP/LCD rear projection over 50" IMO. It's like building a classic vette and only putting in a small v6. Why not go for the big boy v8?
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    all i can say is bullsh*t. my little $200 oppo makes a quite noticeable difference in pq. over my couple years old samsung progressive scan with component output. of course, the oppo uses the faroudja or whatever processor and is connected via dvi. dunno about the rest of you, but it's damned worth the money, imo. call me a liar? come on over and i'll prove it to ya'll, and dish out a right hook for name-calling.

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